ZW Packaging Boosts Workforce Management with TimeTec Attendance and Leave

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ZW Packaging Sdn Bhd was incorporated in the year 2008 as a packaging solution provider, they are diversified into a wide range of packaging products, and various total packaging concepts and it has grown remarkably. Today the focal point of ZW’s business is design and development, providing enhanced services and supply chain management to their customers.

ZW has been constantly venturing into new technologies and products to create additional services of value to customers, they're experts in JIT (Just in Time), consignment and VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) services. Their comprehensive and flexible manufacturing facility allows them to help global brands gain better control of their high mixed low volume or high-volume products that are packaged and shipped.

ZW are specialist in corrugated paper products, Foam, PP corrugated, ESD Shielding bags, Moisture Barrier bags, ESD Pouch and other packaging products. They support Multinational companies on localization projects to reduce their cycle times and Minimum Order Quantity.

With such an important service ZW is providing they need to have a system that can properly manage their data. With previous systems, many issues and problems arose. They were unable to collect time attendance data for staff who work outside the office and manage complex schedules for shift workers. They had to manage incomplete and inaccurate data to feed payroll as well as inaccurate reports. Tedious leave applications were also an issue and even more so when it came to getting them approved as they had no standardized setting or rules for leave policies.

Thanks to TimeTec TA & Leave, ZW has been able to resolve a large number of these issues. Featuring GPS clocking that eases the attendance data capturing for staff who work out of the office. Providing real-time attendance data makes it easy for supervisors and managers to monitor staff. TimeTec TA & Leave also provide accurate and timely data for payroll preparation. It makes complex scheduling easy, keeps complete records and reports, and makes applications for leave and their approvals via the app extremely easy even going as far as to provide rules and standardized settings for uniformity.

TimeTec TA & Leave has aided ZW in restoring its attendance data collection and management systems boosting their productivity and organization. If TimeTec can provide an easy and organized system to assist this company in its endevours then it can cater to any companies needs.
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