Ayra Bandar Bukit Raja Chooses iNeighbour for Visitor Management System

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Ayra is a landed housing estate located in Bandar Bukit Raja, Klang and with a total residence of 266 units. This brand new housing complex features beautiful two-story houses with great facilities and limitless communal potential.

Having over 266 units, Ayra Bandar Bukit Raja will need to properly register and log visitor data, something that would be very inefficient with their current method of a manual logbook. Using iNeighbour, manual registration is not something they need to worry about anymore. Visitors can pre-register with iNeighbour when residents send them an invitation link. Visitors can use a QR code to scan at the guardhouse for an easy check-in process and the system even provides an intercom and notification of entry/exit to the expecting residents. The Management can then generate visitor reports easily, organized and sorted by the purpose of the visit.

Ayra Bandar Bukit Raja is also using i-Account, a property accounting system that integrates with iNeighbour, to manage their property account. With this feature, the residents can view their maintenance fees through the iNeighbour app and pay directly from their smartphones.

With a housing complex of this size, it was easy to see that Ayra Bandar Bukit Raja would have issues managing the influx of visitors. Luckily iNeighbour was able to lighten the load. Experts in data management and security, TimeTec is up to the task of creating convenient and easy solutions.
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