Haier Malaysia Centralizes Attendance Data with TimeTec TA

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Haier Malaysia was established in 2002 and has been providing consumers with reliable and high-quality products in the market ever since. In Malaysia, Haier offers a wide range of products across many categories, such as refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, air conditioners, televisions and kitchen appliances.

A company in an industry as important as this needs to be able to manage its employees and review their attendance data properly across all branches. Haier Malaysia has branches all over Malaysia, including their Puchong headquarters, Puchong warehouse, JB branch, Penang branch, and their Sarawak branch. Previously they were using PC-based RFID card entry devices to track attendance. The system didn't feature a standardized system to collect all data from every branch which made it difficult for managers to view attendance data and reports.

TimeTec provides solutions to all these issues. Haier staff can now enter offices through various means such as the face, card or fingerprint scans using the TC10 devices. Staff are also able to use TimeTec TA for clocking in on the go or for offsite projects. HR and managers can easily track staff attendance through mobile apps and even calculate OT and tardiness from the system. Best of all they now have access to real-time data and centralization of information across all branches. TimeTec TA is here to provide efficient and convenient solutions to aid companies in their everyday endeavours.

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