Jonker Casing Haus Improves Efficiency with TimeTec HR

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Jonker Casing Haus is a company selling trending hype phone cases & accessories in-store and online, since March 2017. They focus on delivering a variety of products with good quality products to ensure customer satisfaction at all times. That being said, having four branches across Malaysia, from SS15 Subang to Taman Merdeka Melaka and requiring oversight of one-hundred users, Jonker Casing Haus faced many issues when it came to its HR department.

Before TimeTec, Jonker Casing Haus used other brands of HR solutions that did not provide satisfactory results. A prevalent issue they faced was a hard-to-locate GPS signal and attendance clocking not functioning properly. The system as a whole didn’t have the capacity to set up an organized structure and ended up being too difficult to manage. The HR department wanted a module where they could manage all needs, capable of generating reports, managing attendance, leave or even just saving memory space on handphones by having it all on one super app, something TimeTec HR can provide.

TimeTec HR combines all needed modules into one simple but a high-quality super app that is very user friendly. Staff can clock in without any headaches as TimeTec HR takes care of attendance with quick location detection. TimeTec web has a well-organized structure that enables companies to filter staff info and generate reports easily, even offering forty-one different report types. All of this can be done from one super app, no longer having to juggle between apps to manage attendance and leave, in the long run, it helps save the HR’s time and provides real-time data centralization.

TimeTec has provided a great service to Jonker Casing Haus, a service that can be easily provided to countless other industries or companies.
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