HIMS Improves Attendance Monitoring with TimeTec

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HIMS Integrated Services is an engineering company that provides engineering work services including the import and export of variety goods. This Johor-based company had a challenging time managing their staff as most of them are working on different sites and attendance are taken manually. Getting accurate attendance details was a headache and became a burden to the HR team.

HIMS Integrated Services then reached out to the TimeTec team and quickly set up the biometric devices for their office; TC20 and TA500, and connected to TimeTec Attendance. As for the staff working on different sites, they can now clock their attendance via TimeTec HR app using GPS clocking. Hence the staff will be able to clock their attendance regardless of whether they are in the office or at the sites.

Having a cloud based attendance system eases the attendance monitoring as all attendance from the biometric devices and mobile clocking are pushed to the system in a real-time manner. HR and administrators can monitor their daily work rate, manage overtime applications and approvals, and generate attendance reports in a more systematic way.

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