NEW Vendor Module in TimeTec VMS

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Offices and corporate towers receive various types of visitors on a daily basis. Amongst the visitors that frequent offices are vendors such as office supply vendors, contractors, and more.  Since vendors have different information fields and permission from the normal visitors, TimeTec VMS has created this specific module; Vendor, to cater to this requirement.

In TimeTec VMS, the Admin can now enable the Vendor module and customize it to suit the company’s requirements, including the Work Scope type and the permitted working hours. Other features available in the Vendor module:

Vendor pre-registration 
Vendor listing and visitation history
Vendor Group Pass/Individual Pass
Separate tab for Vendor in Dashboard
Visitor/Vendor Restriction
TimeTec VMS is a cloud based visitor management system that manages your visitors and ensures security in one platform. TimeTec VMS offers various features including walk-in and pre-registration visitor links, easy visitor check-in and out process, instant notification on arriving guests and more.

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