TimeTec Brings Innovative Attendance Management to FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

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The 2022 World Cup took center stage in Qatar, November last year. This sporting event not only showcases the best football teams, it is also an opportunity for technology innovation such as cloud computing, IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), and many more, in ensuring the entire event runs smoothly.

TimeTec was proudly represented by our exclusive distributor in Qatar, Intelligent Project (iProtek), to implement and maintain the attendance for the workforce management of the World Cup event via TimeTec Attendance. This world class event requires a huge number of workers to run the show, thus Intelligent Project (iProtek) has opted for the QF Master app, an app that turns an android device into a facial and QR code recognition device, as the main solution in capturing the attendance for the workers.


TimeTec Attendance features such as daily attendance overview, scheduled attendance reports, real-time and centralized attendance data are amongst the important features required by the FIFA. The use of TimeTec Attendance has eased the attendance monitoring and provides accurate reports for the management in ensuring the workforce attendance is well taken care of.

Handling such a huge project is definitely challenging, however with the full commitment from our partner, Intelligent Project (iProtek) and the TimeTec team, the project has been successfully implemented. Kudos to both teams for the great teamwork!
Intelligent Project (iProtek) has been a TimeTec partner for more than 15 years, offering both FingerTec brand biometric devices and TimeTec cloud solutions in Qatar. They have vast experience in handling TimeTec hardware and solutions, and provide top-notch services to their customers. 

Are you in Qatar and interested in innovating your workforce management system? Be in contact with our exclusive distributor, Intelligent Project at +974 70011220 or sales@iprotek.com to set an appointment today!

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