TimeTec Eases HR Management for MK Land Holdings

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MK Land Holdings Berhad is no stranger in the property development industry. MK Land has been one of the key players and synonymous with the property development industry in Malaysia. The company has a diversified portfolio of projects, which includes residential and commercial development, hotels and resorts, a water theme park, an education arm and property investment.

With a big organization such as MK Land, comes bigger HR responsibilities. MK Land HR team faced several challenges in managing their employees' attendance. While the company has a card access system, the software limitation on the attendance report puts a burden on their work. OT applications and approvals have to be done manually and add in tedious jobs for the team. With limited reports available in the software, the MK Land HR team was not getting a clear view of their employees’ work rate performance.

TimeTec Attendance with biometric reader TC 20 proved once again to be beneficial for companies that seek for an efficient biometric attendance system, such as MK Land. Not only can TC 20 work as an access control device, it also captures the attendance of all staff and pushes automatically to TimeTec Attendance for processing. These real-time data eases supervisor and management to monitor the staff and at the same time, curb tardiness. TimeTec Attendance advanced reporting also allows the HR team to tabulate and make further analysis for improvements. TimeTec HR app also eases the OT application and approval process, while ensuring a systematic approval flow.

Managing HR is no easy feat, for sure. Let us ease your burden with the help of TimeTec HR. TimeTec HR consists of several solutions: Attendance, Leave, Claim, Payroll (for Malaysia only), Hire and Profile, that you can choose as needed. Make an appointment today with our dedicated team at info@timeteccloud.com for a free consultation and demo.

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