iNeighbour at Monterez Residence: Enhancing Security and Connectivity

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Monterez Residence is an exclusive, securely gated community in Shah Alam. Monterez Residence takes pride in its contemporary-designed homes and offers direct access to the prestigious Monterez Golf & Country Club. With its multiple entry points from various highways, the need for efficient visitor management becomes crucial, and that's where iNeighbour steps in.

Here's how iNeighbour enhances Monterez Residence:

Visitor Management System (VMS)

Security is important in any gated community, and iNeighbour's VMS module ensures a safe and warm welcome. Visitors and hosts can seamlessly manage invitations and pre-registration, expediting the visitor registration process at the guardhouse.


Effective communication is vital in fostering a strong community. iNeighbour's Announcements module empowers the Joint Management Body (JMB) to disseminate essential messages and announcements directly to residents through the iNeighbour app.

Easy access to essential documents is key for a well-informed community. iNeighbour simplifies this by allowing the upload of documents like application forms and house rules, making them readily accessible for residents through the app.

i-Account and E-Billing

Streamlining the accounting process for residential communities, iNeighbour integrates seamlessly with i-Account. Residents can conveniently receive bills and make payments directly through the iNeighbour app, ensuring a hassle-free and accurate financial management system.

Furthermore, Monterez Residence has proactively decided to enhance its main gate by equipping it with advanced controllers and UHF readers, ensuring swift and convenient access for all residents.

Experience the perfect blend of security, communication, and convenience with iNeighbour at Monterez Residence, where a harmonious living environment is a top priority.

Bring safety to your residential area
If your residential area has yet to provide you with these functions, chances are the RA (Residence Associatation) have yet adopted any type of property management app. After taking a closer look into Monterez Residence, would you want that type of security in your residential area? Wouldn’t you want to know who your visitors are and pay your residential bills with just a few buttons?

If your answer is yes, then we would say that iNeighbour is perfect for you and your residential area. If you’re curious about how iNeighbour can help your residential area, don’t hesitate to contact us at for more info. We can’t wait to hear from you.
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