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Even with the world rapidly progressing towards a fully digital age, it’s safe to say that there is still a huge demand for physical printouts of documents. And when it comes to printed media, one of the professionals in the industry is Kuan Press.

Kuan Press is a Malaysian global professional printing service provider established in 2003. They specialise in offset, digital and inkjet printing that cater to products such as food-grade packaging to hard-covered books.

Kuan Press covers printing services such as commercial printing, books, magazines, and package printing throughout its many years of operation. Not only that, Kuan Press also offers specialized services such as hot stamping, embossing and die-cutting. With years of experience in the industry, countless large organizations have put their trust in Kuan Press when it comes to creating custom packaging solutions for different industries.

What was the problem Kuan Press faced?
Even with 12 years of business operation, Kuan Press had a seed of problem implanted in the root of its system.
As you may have guessed, yes, it’s their HR management system.

Outdated fingerprint device
Even with years of business operation, Kuan Press was only using 2 units of fingerprint device system in their company. These 2 fingerprint systems were also very dated as they are not directly linked to their Human Resource Management System (HRMS).

Whenever they would like to extract information from the fingerprint device, they would need to manually plug in a USB stick to the device and collect data.
Yes, they will need to do this every month when it comes to calculating attendance.

No real-time data
With an outdated HRMS system, Kuan Press could not obtain real-time data. In other words, their HR department was not fed with the latest data, and could only evaluate employee attendance once a month after they had manually extracted the data from their fingerprint machine.

Difficulties tracking employee attendance
With Kuan Press’s constant growth and increase in employees, they had a major problem when it comes to employee management. Kuan Press had difficulties tracking the staff attendance and arranging work schedules for the employees. Without the real-time data, managers also had difficulties when they wanted to view employee attendance and prevent absenteeism among the staff.

Slow and time-consuming leave-applying system
Another problem faced by Kuan Press was its leave-applying system. Employees were required to submit a physical document whenever they wanted to apply for leave. This process was time-consuming and discouraging for the employees as they would need to physically fill in their personal information with a pen and paper every time they wanted to apply for leave.

Flawed payroll system
Kuan Press’ Managers also had problems when it came to tracking the OT hours for payout. And on top of that, their HR department had to manually key in the payroll and bank in the amount to their employees. This flawed payroll system is a magnet to mistakes and makes things much more inefficient and complicated.

All in all, Kuan Press’s HR process grew inefficient as the company rapidly grew larger over the years.

With the problems noticed,  Kuan Press decided to turn to a more effective solution to solve this ongoing problem.

How TimeTec Attendance & Leave has resolved these problems by providing these solutions

Data centralization

With the utilization of TimeTec’s TC20 biometric device, Kuan Press has first achieved data centralization. Data centralization brings all the data together from multiple Kuan Press branches into one place so it can be managed and accessed more effectively and efficiently.

Real-time data
With data centralization, Kuan Press are now able to obtain real-time data regarding the attendance of employees and able to track who is and is currently not at the office.

More options to clock in
Instead of the fingerprint clock-in, employees can now choose to clock in using face recognition or fingerprint clock-in which might be much more safe and efficient.

Schedule arrangement
With the use of TimeTec’s HRMS, scheduling shifts or work arrangements across all branches is no longer a challenge. Kuan Press’s manufacturing department which has multiple shifts ranging from morning to night can work with ease of mind as everything can be scheduled and checked in TimeTec Attendance.

OT tracking

The retail side of Kuan Press can also work without hesitation as OT hours are now easily tracked and approved with the use of TimeTec’s Attendance.

Streamlined leave application process
Applying for leave at Kuan Press is no longer a time-consuming and troublesome process as employees would just need to click a few buttons through their mobile or web app to apply for leave directly and await approval from their superiors.

Error-free Payroll
With the implementation of TimeTec’s HRMS, data can be directly imported and exported to the payroll with just a few clicks which streamlines the payroll process close to error-free.

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