PMBK Development Upgrades to TimeTec HR from FingerTec System

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PMBK Development Sdn Bhd is a subsidiary of Perbadanan Menteri Besar Kelantan (PMBK), primarily known for its involvement in the Tunjong New Town Development project (BBT) in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. This company has now extended its business ventures to encompass various development projects across different regions, including Gua Musang, Jeli, Rumah Sri Kelantan (Kelantan Chief Minister's official residence and office) in Precinct 10, Putrajaya, among others.

As PMBKD continues to diversify its project portfolio, the need to enhance its existing attendance system becomes obvious. Previously utilizing FingerTec biometric devices with on-premise software, PMBKD made the strategic decision to transition to the TimeTec HR solution upon discovering its capabilities and benefits.

Why PMBKD Transitioned from On-Premise Software to TimeTec HR

Enhanced Accessibility

On-premise software requires software installation on a specific computer, restricting access only to that location. On the other hand, TimeTec HR can be accessed from any computer, as long as there’s an Internet connection. This provides flexibility and improves efficiency for the HR team, where they can retrieve the attendance data promptly, whenever and wherever required.

Centralized Solution

As the projects expanded to multiple locations, the HR team needed a solution that could centralise all attendance data in one platform. Unfortunately, this was not possible with on-premise software. In contrast, TimeTec HR is designed to accommodate multiple locations and branches, processing attendance data in real-time. This empowers the HR team to monitor and access employees' latest attendance information efficiently.

Transparent System

Previously, employees would need to formally request their attendance report from the HR team which may take several days to complete. TimeTec HR streamlines the process and brings transparency to the workforce. All employees can now access their attendance records via the web or the TimeTec HR mobile app. Furthermore, overtime (OT) requests and approvals can be conveniently handled through the mobile app, significantly enhancing overall operational efficiency within the organization.

Mobile App Ready

Let’s be honest, having a mobile-ready solution is crucial for productivity in this era of mobile applications. TimeTec HR offers a comprehensive, all-in-one mobile app that empowers users to clock in, view their attendance, request OT approval, check leave balances, generate reports, and much more. PMBKD leverages GPS clock-in, particularly for tracking mobile staff, ensuring they can account for employee whereabouts.

Support for Multiple HR Modules

TimeTec HR provides support for various HR modules, including Attendance, Leave, Claim, and Payroll. What makes this system exceptional is its flexibility, as companies can choose and subscribe to the modules that suit their needs. PMBKD, for instance, opted to centralize their Attendance and Leave modules, allowing both users and Admin to conveniently access both modules within the same system. Efficient and easy!

By transitioning to TimeTec HR, PMBKD has not only addressed the challenges posed by its expanding project portfolio but has also embraced a future-ready solution that aligns with the modern work environment. This strategic move not only enhances operational efficiency but also sets the stage for a more transparent and accessible HR system, ultimately benefiting both the HR team and the entire organization. Ready to enhance your business efficiency? Get in touch with our team at for a FREE consultation today!
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