BeWell Chiropractic's commitment to strengthen the backbone of their business

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For many of us who are obsessed with YouTube Shorts or TikTok, we might have already known or seen videos of Chiropractors cracking the backbones of patients, making a loud and weirdly satisfying ‘crack’ sound.

To be honest, chiropractic is more than just ‘cracking’ bones per se. It emphasizes more on the diagnosis, management and treatment of the neuromuscular skeletal system without the use of any medicines or surgery.

An expert in the chiropractic field is BeWell Chiropractic. Founded by Dr Michiko, BeWell Chiropractic focuses on a rare and unique technique, the Gonstead Technique and has been operating its business strong for more than six years, curing one patient at a time.

During the years of operation, BeWell Chiropractic has noticed a growing problem in its growing business. It’s employees.

Fortunately for BeWell Chiropractic, they knew who to contact to solve this problem, once and for all.

Managing and strengthening the backbone of BeWell Chiropractic.
We all know that employees are the backbone of a business. When it comes to BeWell Chiropractic, they certainly have put in the effort to manage the backbone of their business, their employees.

Here are the issues faced by BeWell Chiropractic previously.
While they are at the right step in automating their employee attendance, BeWell Chiropractic has outdated fingerprint devices. In detail, they had only 3 fingerprint devices and these devices are not in any way connected to the HR software that they are currently using.

On top of that, every employee’s attendance and leaves are manually recorded and combined by the HR department whenever they require the data for reporting purposes. This makes data collection a slow and time-consuming process.

Besides that, their current HR system or software does not support smartphone clocking or leave applications, which causes staff to rely on manual methods whenever trying to clock in or apply for leave. Without accessibility, staff are required to log in to PCs to check any HR-related matters, making it a taxing and time-consuming process.

In other words, BeWell Chiropractic HR-related task mostly requires manual work and staff are generally uninformed about their remaining leaves or payroll.

Here’s how TimeTec HR helped BeWell Chiropractic resolve these problems

TimeTec has helped BeWell Chiropractic in enhancing its fingerprint device. BeWell Chiropractic now has TA500 in all of its branches, which are connected to the cloud, providing data centralization. This means that their HR department can gain real-time data from all of their branches, making data updated and easily accessible whenever and wherever.

With the introduction of the TimeTec HR app, employee self-service is available in BeWell Chiropractic. In other words, employees can do everything by themselves without the help of the HR department. Staff can now easily apply for leaves and claims without any use of physical documentation. On top of that, they can even check their monthly payslip in the TimeTec HR smartphone or web app.

Safe to say with BeWell Chiropractic implementing the TimeTec HR solution, they have gained access to a one-stop software to serve all of their HR needs such as attendance, leaves, claims and even payroll solutions.

So, are you also facing troubles when it comes to your company’s daily HR tasks?
Did you know that HR tasks can be much more streamlined and manageable? If you’re curious about how we can solve your HR problems, just give us a call to learn more!

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