Majlis Perbandaran Sepang Enhancing Its HR Department with TimeTec HR

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Majlis Perbandaran Sepang (MPS) or Sepang Municipal Council is a local council that is tasked under the 1976 Local Government Act 171 with the responsibility of providing services and basic amenities to every Sepang residence.

As a government body, The MPS is also responsible for the Development Plan and Community Service plan. They provide services to the Sepang residents that can range from license applications or renewal, tax payment, compound payment or even filing complaints.

With Majlis Perbandaran Sepang (MPS) rapidly growing alongside the Sepang area, they are looking for a better attendance system that they can utilize for all of their branches and centralise all the data using one single system.

Here were the previous issues that they had:
Previously MPS used a normal thumbprint system where data are waiting to be collected from other branches. However, with increasing branches such as HQ at Cyberjaya, Landskap Cyberjaya, COB Cyberjaya, Cawangan Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, Cawangan Bandar Salak Perdana, Cawangan Putra Perdana and Cawangan Sungai Pelek, manual data collection has become an increasing hassle for MPS.

MPS was also using a PC-based Human Resource Management (HRM) Software that had a lot of limitations. The HR department can only access the HRMS solely through a PC, making the HRMS stationary and lacking accessibility.

The current clock-in system that MPS is using is also limited, dated and unreliable. They only have the option to do daily clocking by using a fingerprint device. On top of that, these fingerprint devices sometimes cannot detect employee thumbprints, causing employees who arrive just in time to be late or even creating a line towards the fingerprint machines.

Another challenge faced by MPS’s HR department is uncertainties for both employees and the HR department. Previously, it was proven a challenge for the HR department to track employees who have gone on outstation business trips as they lack a remote GPS clocking system. On the other hand, Employees were also unaware of their own entitled or remaining leaves. To compensate, HR professionals were required to provide these reports to the employees whenever they requested, making the process redundant and time-consuming.

Here’s how MPS implemented the TimeTec HR solution to resolve the issue:
With TimeTec HR, MPS obtained data centralization as they were able to gather all the Employee’s data from all the branches by referring to a single system. Employee leaves regardless of branches were also updated in real-time and accurately. This was made possible by TimeTec’s Cloud Storage, which updates and stores employees’ attendance in the cloud in real-time.

MPS also caught up with the trend by implementing TimeTec HR’s smartphone clocking system. This increased accessibility and staff can clock in using their device and mobile apps.

Gone were the days when employees had to queue up to clock in through unreliable fingerprint recognition as MPS’s fingerprint clocking method has undergone a complete overhaul. On top of the enhanced fingerprint recognition, they have also implemented facial recognition for employees to clock in. Safe to say that employees can clock in easily as facial recognition verifies employees within seconds.

Uncertainties are also eliminated with TimeTec HR as employees can log in to TimeTec Attendance to monitor their attendance and leave without ever bothering the HR department. With the introduction of the TimeTec HR Super app, employees who often have business travel outstations can use GPS clock-in to let the HR department know that they are working outside of office grounds.

So, are you also having trouble with your current clocking system? Do you feel like your current HRMS is in dire need of an upgrade? Well, why not give our HRMS a try and see for yourself? Do let us know if you have any questions as we can’t wait to answer them.

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