Seamless Parking Experience: TimeTec's Innovative Cashless Valet Parking

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Cashless is the biggest trend for parking, not only for casual and season parking but also in valet parking. However, in valet parking, parking attendants interact with parkers when they leave and collect back their cars. Hence, the option of cash collection, in addition to cashless, is one of TimeTec's key features for valet parking management system.
Regarding the cashless feature, TimeTec valet parking offers eWallet payment, credit card, and debit card options via the TimeTec Valet Handheld POS terminal. This terminal comes preloaded with the TimeTec Valet App and is embedded with a high-speed thermal printer for receipt printing.

TimeTec Cashless Valet Parking offers several benefits for both parking operators and users. Here are some advantages:
Benefits for Parking Operators:

Increased Efficiency:
• Cashless systems streamline the payment process, reducing the time it takes for users to pay for parking.
• Faster transactions lead to quicker turnover, allowing operators to serve more customers in a given time.

Reduced Risk of Theft and Fraud:
• Handling less cash reduces the risk of theft for both the parking attendants and the facility.
• Cashless transactions are generally more secure and can be easily tracked, minimizing the risk of fraud.

Improved Record Keeping:
• Electronic payment systems automatically record transactions, providing operators with detailed and accurate financial records.
• This makes accounting and auditing processes more efficient and less prone to errors.

Better Resource Planning:
• Cashless systems can provide operators with valuable data on peak usage times and customer behavior, enabling more effective resource allocation and staffing.

Integration with TimeTec Cloud Parking Management Software:
• Cashless systems can be integrated with TimeTec Cloud Parking Management software, allowing operators to monitor and manage their parking facilities more effectively.

Benefits for Users:

• Cashless valet parking eliminates the need for users to carry cash, making the parking process more convenient and user-friendly.
• Users can pay with credit/debit cards, eWallet mobile apps, or other electronic payment methods.

Faster Transactions:
• Electronic payments are faster than cash transactions, reducing the time users spend in the payment process and allowing them to get on with their day more quickly.

Enhanced Security:
• Users don't have to worry about carrying and handling cash, reducing the risk of theft.
• Electronic transactions are often more secure, with encryption and authentication measures in place.

Contactless Transactions:
• In the context of public health concerns (such as during a pandemic), cashless transactions can be contactless, reducing the risk of virus transmission.

Overall, cashless valet parking systems contribute to a more efficient, secure, and convenient parking experience for both operators and users. If parking operators also operate casual and season parking as well, they will enjoy better benefits by managing different parking methods all under one TimeTec Parking Management System at the backend.

These are the parking sites using TimeTec Valet Parking System:

TimeTec Smart Parking System, equipped with ticketless, cashless and touchless functionalities, is enhanced with the next activities flow, be it mall shopping, business visiting, go to work, back to home and etc, extended to its fullest, helping building owners to achieve better parking experience for both casual and season parking.

TimeTec Smart Parking System also offers a wide range of parking and payment methods at its front end, such as Touch n Go card, Touch n Go RFID, license plate recognition, QR code, eWallet, credit and debit card, and etc., furnished in a state-of-the-art unattended kiosk, TimeTec TPK at the entry and exit lanes, to ease the access and payment process.

For the back end, cloud-based TimeTec Smart Parking System provides real-time parking update for administrator, suitable for single parking site to multiple locations large scale parking deployment. Its comprehensive features like parking guidance, flexi parking rules, remote terminal monitoring, parking app, valet parking, enforcement module, find my car, book a spot, promo code, multiple merchants and rules validation, analytical dashboard and consolidated reports, efficiently reducing cost and improving productivity for parking operation in modern building management, and allowing building owners further monetization with TimeTec i-Ad and Near Field Commerce modules.

With TimeTec Digital Building Ecosystem as its backbone, we revolutionize the parking industry, and brings TimeTec Smart Parking System beyond parking to a whole new level in the digital transformation era. For more information, please visit our website at:

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