Sage Promaster Improves Workforce Management with TimeTec Cloud Attendance and Cloud Payroll

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Sage Promaster Sdn Bhd was established in 2011 by a team of engineers and scientists who aspired to change Malaysia's unsustainable scheduled waste management practices and landscape. In this pursuit, the company's founders had engaged the School of Chemical Engineering, the Faculty of Engineering, University of Malaya, to undertake a Research & Development program jointly. The R&D was to characterize and validate the potentials of many types of scheduled waste generated in Malaysia that could recover its latent energy by manufacturing an alternate (green) fuel to replace COAL – a greenhouse gas-emitting fossil fuel.
Sage Promaster strives to meet the Environmental, Sustainable and Governance (ESG) criteria as an ongoing business entity, and it too is a pioneering Social Enterprise in Malaysia. A Social Enterprise is "A business entity that is registered under any written law in Malaysia that proactively creates positive social or environmental impact in a way that is financially sustainable." Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre.
Sage Promaster continues to research and innovate its technologies, processes, and end product attributes for economic, social, and environmental benefits, industrial relevance, business continuity and support Malaysia's carbon-neutral goals. They currently have two branches, including a factory in Malacca and a Headquarters in Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur.
Previously, Sage Promaster had a problem monitoring production workers in Malacca, and the attendance data wasn't syncing well with their current payroll. So they need a quick solution yet sustainable to fix their teething problems in workforce management.

Therefore, Sage Promaster selected TimeTec TA and TimeTec Payroll to solve the problems and give them more investment value. 

Three significant areas that TimeTec TA solve:

HR/managers can now track staff attendance easily through the mobile app and calculate the staff OT and tardiness from the system right away, regardless of the work locations. 


HR/managers can access the analysis of attendance data for greater insight into their workforce anytime, from anywhere.


 TimeTec TA provides real-time and centralized attendance data for seamless payroll preparation.

Three significant areas that TimeTec Payroll solve

TimeTec Payroll provides direct integration and automation, providing convenience beyond expectation.


TimeTec TA pushes the attendance data to the TimeTec Payroll every month, complete with automatic calculation.


TimeTec Payroll sends payslips by email to all employees, to the delight of the HR department.

There are immense benefits and advantages that the TimeTec system provides to Sage Promaster for them to manage their workforce efficiently.

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