Mediscreen Aims for Better Workforce Efficiency With TimeTec Attendance System

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MediScreen Sdn Bhd is a company that manages the MAKSAK Medic Care Scheme in collaboration with MAKSAK (Malaysian Government Welfare and Sports Council). It has been in this field for over 28 years; MediScreen has become the first company to operate such a medical scheme for government servants. The MAKSAK Medic Care Scheme was officially launched on 30 October 2004 to provide 24-hour and comprehensive coverage, including hospital, medical and surgical facilities for the civil servants. With this cooperation, the MAKSAK Medic Care Scheme has expanded nationwide, receiving encouraging responses from government employees around the country.

For MediScreen to ensure quality services for all its members, they need to improve the standard of the workforce. They are still struggling with patchy attendance data, as they still practice manual recording of the attendance data. With the Covid-19 situation hitting the shores, the company now has to manage four working situations: in the office, out of the office, on-site, and work from home. Besides, the company hasn't invested in employee profiling, and all the information is still in hardcopy, making it hard for HR to manage the workforce properly. Thus, having no sound system to managing a growing workforce is no longer an option for MediScreen.

Mediscreen chooses TimeTec TA as a cloud-based system for their workforce.

How TimeTec TA resolves the issues:

MediScreen can still integrate their current FingerTec devices at their premises with the TimeTec TA to collect the attendance data for those who work from the office in real-time, a tremendous cost-saving measure made by the management.


The GPS clocking feature available on the TimeTec TA App makes it easy for the users who work out of the office to record their attendance data. The data pushed to the office is loaded with GPS data and recording time in real-time. 


Attendance data from TimeTec TA is always available in real-time. Such convenient for the supervisor or the management to take a closer look at employees' office hours activities without any intrusion.


The HR can store all staff information in TimeTec Profile, easily accessible, powerfully connected and definitely paperless.

In short, the shift to TimeTec TA has provided MediScreen with practical methods to handle the ongoing matters and more. So not only that the management is happy with the results, the employees are also pleased with the convenience that comes along.

TimeTec TA has made it easy and seamless for MediScreen, and it might do the same for your company. If you have similar requirements that require a closer look at TimeTec TA, contact Mr. Wan Amirul Muim at for a FREE demo session. 

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