YADIM's Daies Management Goes Digital with TimeTec

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Daie YADIM is a section in YADIM, the acronym for Islamic Da'wah Foundation, that manages all daies all over Malaysia. Daie or Da'i is generally someone who engages in da'wah, the act of inviting people to Islam. Daie YADIM is divided into a few divisions: Daie Komuniti, Daie Orang Asli, Daie Sabah, and Daie Sarawak. Each division provides relevant classes under their appointed areas, and therefore, all appointed daies will have to report their attendance and activities to their supervisor every day.

Without any system for the daies to report to work, YADIM's management was left with no information on all the daies' activities, let alone knowing what happens on-site when daies are assigned. On top, the leave system was also absent, and all daies needed to fill up the leave form and get an actual signature from the management to approve their leaves. Having the manual system for attendance and leave made daies management all over the place and ineffective, much to the dismay of the management.
Daie YADIM turned to TimeTec for the solutions.

TimeTec TA puts Daies in charge of their attendance!
All daies must use the TimeTec TA app on their smartphone, equipped with a GPS clocking function to report attendance and activities to the main office. All daies need to do is tap on the phone to record attendance, and the main office can access the data right away in real-time.  

Now, the management can monitor all the attendance records and daies specific locations through the data received from GPS clocking, as TimeTec TA immediately uploads all data to the server.
Daies can also snap photos of the activities and attach them with the attendance data for more details for the head office. 

TimeTec TA App also details the attendance overview of each daie for their viewing and self-assessment.

The main office can get all the attendance records from their staff properly through Electronic Time Card report, and they will have all the accurate attendance data ready for processing at the end of the month.

TimeTec Leave makes leave management handy!

Using TimeTec Leave, Daie YADIM can preset all leave data, applications and approvals to match the organization's leave policy, and the admin can access the settings for any modifications if required.
Once the settings are done, all daies can apply their leaves and get approvals from their superiors directly using TimeTec Leave app on the smartphone. 

There will be no errors in leave entitlement, balance or accruals for each staff because everything will follow the settings done by the admin. 

With any approvals given, the system will balance the leave automatically for both employees and employers to see.

Some simple changes in operation make a big difference in Daie YADIM's workforce management.

With the TimeTec system, staff data is made available to the head office every day and management is always informed about the workforce. And the seamless leave management system makes both parties pleased with the honesty and transparency.

If your organization is still not equipped with practical attendance or leave systems, TimeTec might have the solution for you. Connect with Mr. Tengku Sulaiman at sulaiman@timeteccloud.com to know more about how we could assist.
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