DOREMi Streamline HR Processes with TimeTec HR

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DOREMi Services & Rental is a global event production and management company with an impeccable record and multi-awards winner. The company provides superior expertise with unparalleled high-quality state-of-the-art solutions in the area of event and entertainment,  focusing on audio systems, lighting systems, music instrument rentals, as well as truss and staging requirements locally and globally. Since its establishment in 1979, DOREMi has grown by leaps and bounds into a staff strength of more than 70 people. Their team of experts and services is available across the Asia Pacific and beyond the United Arab Emirates, the United States, Canada, and many more.

With such an impressive background DOREMi has high management needs but sadly suffered from a lack of a proper system that carefully and effortlessly organized the company's attendance, leave and payroll while providing real-time data. They used a manual punch card, which made it incredibly hard for travelling staff to clock in and can inevitably lead to disorganized employee information. Just like attendance, leave applications were also done via manual forms and if the approver wasn’t available the forms would go for long periods without approval. Payroll also suffered from these issues as well, being done manually with standardized templates and having no integration with leave and attendance.

Thanks to TimeTec HR solution, their attendance, leave and payroll are now working in unison in a fully integrated system to make HR’s work much easier. Users and travelling employees can now use TimeTec Attendance and GPS clocking to clock in. HR can now track staff attendance and easily monitor the influx of attendance data directly from the apps, as well as calculate OT and tardiness, all from the system. Staff can apply for leave at any time since the approver can review the application directly from the apps. At the end of the month, when all attendance and leave data have been collected, the payroll can be directly processed, all from one system. That’s all staff and management would need, one system to monitor and supervise everything.

TimeTec provides the best possible solutions for attendance, leave and payroll. An all-in-one, organised and easy-to-use system.
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