Taik Sin Timber Excels with TimeTec

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Taik Sin Timber Industry Sdn Bhd is the manufacturing leader in the pallet industry in Malaysia. With over 50 years of expertise and experience, the company offers timber, wooden, and plastic pallets supplies nationwide, providing the highest standard of product and services to their customers.

As the business grows, their man-power increases. Having staff working in the office, warehouse and on-site, it’s becoming hard for the Taik Sin Timber management to track their employees’ attendance without a proper system. Manual logbook was used to record the employees attendance and overtime which is not effective for the supervisor to monitor.

TimeTec HR comes into the picture and offers the facial recognition device, TC20, combined with TimeTec Attendance. Now that all the employees' attendance is centralized in TimeTec Attendance, the management of Taik Sin Timber is able to see daily overview of the employees’ attendance with work rate percentage, absence staff, OT request and approval via TimeTec HR app. Attendance data is processed in a real-time manner, so the management can ensure better productivity and optimize their business.

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