Petroclamp Change to TimeTec Workforce During the Pandemic

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Petroclamp Sdn Bhd is a company formed in 2008 based on the R&D to venture into the oil and gas industry and specializing in completion technology services and directional drilling services. With over 13 years of experience, its primary business is now divided into in-house design, rapid prototyping, and oil and gas activities.

The pandemic has posed a serious issue in their workforce management, and biometrics alone could not solve it for them. The biometrics system cannot centralize the data from the biometrics devices installed at their branches in Kemaman, Labuan and Hulu Selangor, and with the Work-from-Home in full effect during the lockdown, the management was left with no system to manage its scattered workforce. The company tried to manipulate Google Form for the WFH employees, but in the end, they turned to FingerTec TA700W and TimeTec TA for a more effective, systematic and insightful attendance system as they advanced.

TimeTec TA is a cloud-based attendance system designed specifically for time attendance data and monitoring, and FingerTec TA700W is a fingerprint device with PUSH technology that can send the data straight to the server, and therefore, it is the perfect choice for Petroclamp Sdn Bhd.

With TimeTec TA, HR and managers can combine all their branch attendance systems into one account for effective management and supervision; their staff who WFH can report their attendance through the mobile app, and the on-site staff can report their duty effectively from each location. Not only that, but TimeTec TA also gives them more than what they bargain for in terms of data, records and reports. TimeTec TA provides detailed, accurate and insightful data that they can use for decision-making and operation improvement.

Petroclamp Sdn Bhd's management can now ensure that all their workforce is optimized with TimeTec TA during the pandemic and beyond.  

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