TimeTec Smart Parking 5/12: Unattended TimeTec Parking Kiosk, TPK

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When retrieving a parking ticket to enter and paying cash to exit a parking site is the only option, the life of a parking solution provider is much simpler. Their job is to install unattended ticket dispensers at every parking entrance and terminals at every exit to accept and verify whether the parking ticket is paid before they lift the barrier. Besides, they will encourage building owner to place a few more autopay stations that carry a hefty price tag, plus, PC preloaded with parking software operates in the parking office. No internet needed, all locally networked.

When ticket and cash are removed to become ticketless and cashless, the parking industry suddenly stuffed with many options. TnG card, credit and debit card, e-Wallet, license plate recognition, smartphone QR code access and etc.; none dominates and monopolizes the market yet. Even the TnG card, the most popular among all, some minority prefers to use a credit card, especially foreigners with a short stay that don't usually use TnG cards. Hence to fulfil the market needs, some parking sites try to offer as many cashless and ticketless methods as possible. And, cash is detached from the network, but most of the cashless need a real-time online environment to verify.

In the end, we witness some small parking islands at the entrance and exit overstuffed with many different terminals that make you confused as to where to tap your card on. Too many parking terminals signal too many individual parking softwares at the back-end that could cause report consolidation problems.

"We are introducing unattended TimeTec Parking Kiosk, TPK to solve the problem. Our motto is One Kiosk Solves It All. The slim design, state-of-the-art TPK, offer ticketless, cashless and touchless functionalities, equipped with a wide range of parking and payment methods, such as TnG card, license plate recognition (LPR), QR code, eWallet, credit and debit cards, and etc., at the entry and exit lanes, to ease the access and payment process. With this, the costly autopay station can be eliminated entirely. We list the superiority and affordability of our TPK in the following table."

"We don't encourage the parking owners to offer all methods; it should adhere to users' preference according to their parking environment. Because some cashless parking methods with their dominant characteristics, for example, LPR, may make other methods irrelevant. We have a professional team to evaluate and provide the best mixture of solutions that suit parking owners. Since we are a one-stop solution provider with a strong R&D team, we also developed the back-end system that caters for all the cashless methods that we offer at the front end."

"With the availability of the Internet for cashless methods, we designed and equipped the kiosk with IP intercom instead of the conventional intercom system, IP CCTV instead of analogue CCTV to fully unleash the power of online capability."   

Please contact Kelvin Lim, Sales Manager, at kelvin.lim@timeteccloud.com or 012-6891180 for product presentation and demonstration appointments. You may also call 03-80709933 general line or write to info@timeteccloud.com for more information.  Stay tuned for the 6/12 series next Wednesday on Malaysia kini for TimeTec Smart Parking announcement. For the previous article, click this link:

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