SHAL Engages TimeTec to Improve its Workforce Management

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SHAL (Sea Hawk Lines) is a global logistics company providing the services of NVOCC, Freight Forwarding, Airfreight (IATA), Customs Brokering, Warehouse, Projects, Container Trading/Leasing, and Transportation around the world. Having offices in India, Malaysia, Singapore, and Myanmar and Network partners worldwide, SHAL Group provides integrated logistic solutions for customers across the globe.

Managing employees all over, SHAL grappled with a few blind spots that could be costly to the operation. For example, while the company installed biometrics devices at the headquarters, no such devices were available in their hubs and warehouses. Therefore, when the staff work at the sites, the management cannot track the staff attendance, creating a loophole in the workforce system. They also have to endure tedious overtime (OT) applications and approvals that are inefficient and tiresome for the party involved. In addition, the admins need to manually record all the punch card data from all warehouses every month, risking errors and additional costs to the company.   

The FingerTec biometrics TA700W devices and TimeTec TA present a perfect combination for SHAL to cover the blind spots effectively.

GPS clocking in TimeTec TA eases the attendance data capturing for the sales staff who work out of the office. The GPS clocking in TimeTec TA comes with not only the accurate attendance time, but it also captures the GPS locations in the attendance data, providing the office with the data it needs for better workforce management. In addition, through the concept of BYOD, TimeTec TA App presents total convenience to employees and provides the data to the management in real-time for easy supervision and employee management.

Using TimeTec TA, the cloud-based attendance system, the office can easily sync the attendance data from different warehouses and hubs into a single account for a general overview of the workforce situation. TimeTec TA's linkability also provides better and manageable overtime (OT) applications and approvals, which can be done quickly using the TimeTec TA app on a smartphone, and in turn, provides employees and HR the better tool to manage daily operations.

SHAL understands the need to improve workforce management for better operation, and they choose TimeTec to accomplish that. If your company is having similar problems and looking for a solution, contact our sales at, for a FREE consultation today!
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