TimeTec Smart Parking 7/12: Pre-entry and the Next Activities

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Seldom parking operation cares about pre-entry and the next activities; parking should be just some brief happenings at the entry and exit, plus the payment process. As long as it is free from any hiccups, it is considered a sound enough parking system.

But digital technology provides possibilities to link parking with other related activities, from pre-entry to the next activities after a driver parks his/her vehicle. For example, it would be great if a parking system can provide an availability check before we even step out of our home, letting us know that the car park is full rather than finding it out once we reached the destination.

It is even better to secure a parking bay before we arrive at a bustling mall by the likes of Booking a Spot for a movie. If we are VIP customers of a merchant, we get a parking bay reserved when we confirm an appointment. It is even great if the merchant or the host company can absorb the parking fee to display better hospitability.  

All of the above pre-entry features are impossible without a cloud parking solution. The next activities after the car has been parked are more abundant. We list down the following as a reference:

From a security perspective, TimeTec Parking System can integrate with the TimeTec Guard Patrol system. Therefore, when a user presses a panic button on a Mall App/Parking App, it will trigger the mobile device of the patrol guard on duty at the parking site. And simultaneously, the parking office's alarm will go off. Because the data includes the GPS coordinates,  the guard can quickly identify the user location to dispatch a rescue at once.  

More possibilities could have happened for commercial shopping malls if shopping malls have their app for consumers to download. The integration between the parking system and the mall App can provide more interaction and better consumer engagement. They can extend a discount or offset of parking fee to different merchants, push dynamic and targeted ad whenever customers enter a car park, book a spot, find my car, parking records and receipts; all are illustrated in the integration chart as follow:

For commercial office towers, parking can be treated as the threshold for the entire people flow, extending to other access points such as doors, turnstiles and lifts. When TimeTec Parking integrates with TimeTec Visitor Management System, the system can notify the host when the guest enters the parking. Suppose it bridged with TimeTec TA for time attendance and TimeTec Leave for a busy office tower. In that case, the parking operator could free the season parking spaces whenever season parkers take leave or work from home or go outstation.  Hence, parking operators can manage the occupancy of the parking site to its fullest.

For high-security buildings like a science laboratory, military offices, etc., the management can set parking access denied mode if employees try to access at non-working hours when the parking system is integrated with the TimeTec Smart Workforce Management solution.  

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