TimeTec Smart Parking 10/12: Cashless Valet Parking

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There is a famous valet parking joke based on a true story in the 60s, and it goes like this, "One night Frank Sinatra, the singer, walked out of The Peninsula Hotel and asked a valet parking attendant, 'What was the biggest tip you ever got?' When he said, '$100, Mr Sinatra,' the singer handed him $200 and then asked, 'Who gave you the $100 tip?' The attendant replied, 'It was you, Mr Sinatra.'"

Amazingly, some valet attendants do not only know their clients in person, but they are also well-trained and knowledgeable about nearly every make and model of vehicles, including the alarm systems and keyless ignitions, if not more.

"For parking business owner, valet parking is offered as an extra parking service or a separate entity to customers due to the skills set needed in valet attendants. Still, valet parking is treated as a non-core parking business compared to normal casual and season parking, and its parking module is never the main core module in a parking management system. Even though most parking sites are not offering valet services, for some hotels, nightclubs, hospitals, and shopping malls, valet parking is a compulsory service because valet parking adds a touch of luxury and convenience to car owners. What kind of a 5-star hotel does not provide valet parking service?" asked Teh Hon Seng, TimeTec Group CEO.

"In general, valet parking provides convenience and class. Patrons don't have to drive around looking for parking spots. Those who are in a hurry can leave their vehicles safely in the hands of the valet attendants; plus, it is handy for disabled drivers, and those who own luxury cars would want to arrive in style everywhere they go."

"In short, valet is a service created by inequalities of supply and demand.  Valet offers an extra service for vehicle owners to park their cars safely, conveniently and instantly, and sometimes with style," said Teh.

Teh also stressed that valet parking is one of the TimeTec Smart Parking System modules to help valet parking owner eliminate the cash handling risk and be in line with the cashless trend. The operators that cover complete parking services can consolidate the parking revenues from casual, season, enforcement, and valet, all under one cloud platform.

TimeTec Valet Parking System comes together with two handheld TimeTec Valet POS terminals,  with a built-in receipt printer that is PCI DSS compliance and accepting credit and debit card and e-Wallet cashless payment methods. In addition, bringing more convenience to customers, the receipt printer of TimeTec Valet Parking System also prints a QR code as an option for customers to scan and pay for the valet before picking up their car. The illustration below shows the process flow:

TimeTec Valet improves the daily operation efficiency of the business owner and provides payment convenience to the customers.

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