Akademi Generasi Mukmin Taps on TimeTec GPS to Improve Staff Management

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Akademi Generasi Mukmin is a company that manages private education services emphasizing education characteristics based on monotheism. Run by trained and experienced instructors, the school's objective is to provide a pious atmosphere that builds the personality of the generation of believers through routine activities and educational culture based on Al-Quran and Sunnah of Rasulullah SAW. In addition, the school emphasizes manners education through the appreciation of moral verses.

The office of Akademi Generasi Mukmin has been equipped with FingerTec fingerprint model R2 to control authorized access and capture staff's time attendance. However, even though FingerTec R2 is a great tool to authenticate fingerprints and elevate the security at the office, the versatile time attendance system is still absent for the staff at the schools. Therefore, Akademi Generasi Mukmin subscribes to TimeTec cloud-based attendance system that can provide solutions to their predicaments.
TimeTec TA App that lets staff clock in via the App from their smartphones makes it easy for everybody and provides complete data to the management, accessible anytime from anywhere. With one tap on the GPS attendance on the App, the system captures the staff's time and GPS location and pushes the data to the cloud in real-time. TimeTec TA provides transparent data for both the staff and management, making it easier for the staff to report the whereabouts and the management to track the staff's availability and performance. The staff also can generate the attendance report from their mobile App as attendance proof.

In addition to that, data from TimeTec TA is integrable with their third-party payroll software and reduces the admin's workload to key in all the attendance data manually. Automation of attendance into payroll streamline payroll preparation effectively to the benefit of all involved.

Akademi Generasi Mukmin has found a great system in TimeTec TA to manage its staff attendance, regardless of the location of the schools. Furthermore, the scalability of TimeTec TA also helps the management to decide to subscribe to the system.

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