Landlords Property & Facilities Management Subscribe to TimeTec TA for Effective On-Site Staff Management

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Landlords Property & Facilities Management Sdn Bhd (formerly known as Landlords Management Services) was formed to provide complete solutions to facilities management and maintenance of commercial and residential building services concentrated on Klang Valley. The company comprises a team of qualified professionals with expertise and vast ​experience to offer to the owners, JMB/MC and developers.

Landlords Property & Facilities Management has to constantly deal with multiple sites that they need to station employees. Unfortunately, they were not furnished with a system that could centralize workforce data to their satisfaction. Without such a system in place, the employees can't report their whereabouts effectively, and the management has no clue where they are in real-time, resulting in miscommunication and misunderstanding. As the business grows, the company is looking for a holistic solution to streamline staff management to solve these problems.
TimeTec TA cloud-based attendance system ticks all the boxes for Landlords Property & Facilities Management. With the practical App of TimeTec TA, the employees can report to work by tapping on the App no matter where they are or their work time. The system will capture the attendance time data along with the GPS data as proof of attendance. The employees can also report what's happening on-site to the supervisor with a simple report complete with photos when they check-in, if necessary.

The modern and up-to-date features of TimeTec TA complies with Landlords Property & Facilities Management recent requirements, and now the management can get a complete picture of their staff at all times. In addition to that, TimeTec TA can also verify all the milage claims related to work on sites with actual distance powered by Google Map.
TimeTec TA comes with a web and an App with one price.

With a low monthly investment, TimeTec TA definitely provides Landlords Property & Facilities Management with high returns through transparent and accurate data at all times all year long. 
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