BSP21 Service Residence commits to modern Property Management System with iNeighbour

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Situated within Bandar Saujana Putra, Selangor, BSP21 is the latest award-winning lifestyle serviced residence from LBS Bina. In BPS21, LBS Bina has dedicated a sizeable piece of its 21-acre land to more than 100 recreational facilities and amenities, including a 4-level clubhouse measuring 66000 square feet, exercise decks, various pools, gymnasium and court games for the sports enthusiast; to outdoor rock climbing wall and a skate park for the more adventurous. In addition, BPS21 has a 2.7km jogging and cycling track, and for those looking for a more relaxing time, it has various gardens and quiet corners landscaped to soothe the soul.

To further provide convenience to all BSP21 residents, especially during this covid episode, their management decided to subscribe to iNeighbour, the Property Management System, which helps handle visitor management, essential documents between the management and the residents, announcement, and facility bookings. iNeighbour limits the need for a face-to-face meeting between residents and management and instead take everything necessary to the App for a more practical operation. With iNeighbour App, residents can manage visitor bookings, download e-documents, submit them to management, and make facility bookings quickly and hassle-free, all with transaction records intact.

One of the features in iNeighbour that advantage the management is the ability to manage tenants effectively. For example, the system permits management to restrict defaulters from having the same privileges as the other tenants if due payments are not paid. But once all pending payments are settled by the tenants, all facilities as offered as usual.

On top of the default iNeighbour system, BSP21 also subscribes to another two systems to smoothen operation. One is a cloud accounting system, i-Account, and the second is a cloud security patrol system, TimeTec Patrol. i-Account is a cloud-accounting system specially tailored to property management, which updates everything as it happens, providing convenience to all parties when they can view the transactions in the system at all times. And another is TimeTec Patrol, a guard patrol system that tracks the guards on duty and provides them with a tool to communicate with the control room during patrol sessions for more effective patrol rounds. In short, the system provides all the needed patrol details for the management to assess and rectify patrol activities.

BSP21 is pushing the boundaries of technology when it comes to Property Management with its commitment to iNeighbour, all by having residents' convenience as its core.


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