TimeTec Claim: The Ultimate Tool for Efficient Claim Management

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Managing employee claims can be a cumbersome process, involving various types of claims, different rates for different employees, and different approval rules. It can be a time-consuming process that requires significant effort and resources to manage effectively. This is where TimeTec Claim comes in, offering a solution to streamline and simplify the entire claim management process.

TimeTec Claim is a comprehensive claim management system that offers support for multiple claim types, including mileage, meal, utility, accommodation, daily allowances, car rental, airfare, and advance payment. This wide range of supported claim types ensures that the system caters to the needs of various organizations, regardless of their industry or size.

TimeTec Claim Key Features

Support Various Claim Types

Organizations can automate up to eight claim types and more, enabling them to save time and resources while ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Customizable Claim Rates

Define different rates for different employees' claims, ensuring that the claim calculation process is automated and error-free

Customizable Claim Rules and Control

Define different groups of claim rules and controls to ensure that all claims are validated, and only legitimate claims are approved, reducing the risk of fraudulent claims. 

Set Multiple Approval Rules

Organizations can set various approval claim rules, ensuring that claims are approved promptly, and employees are reimbursed quickly. 

Streamline Claim Application and Approval via TimeTec HR App

Employees can submit their claims through the app, which automatically notifies their managers for approval.

Effective Claim Management and Reporting

Organizations can track and monitor all claims, including export employee claims to become billable items to clients, and generate reports and analysis.

TimeTec Claim is an essential tool for organizations looking to streamline and simplify their claim management process. With support for multiple claim types, automated claim calculation, and a user-friendly mobile app, TimeTec Claim makes it easy for organizations to manage and enforce their claim policies while ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

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