TimeTec Helps Mukarami Coffee Simplify HR and Payroll Management

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Mukarami Coffee Sdn Bhd, a local food and beverage retail company with branches in Shah Alam and Subang Jaya, is making strides in streamlining their HR and payroll processes with the implementation of TimeTec Attendance and Payroll.

Founded in February 2022, Mukarami Coffee offers a wide range of coffee, pasta, pastries, and desserts. With plans to expand their business in the future, the company recognized the need for an efficient system to manage their growing workforce.

One of their initial challenges was the lack of a centralized attendance system. Without a proper system, HR had to manually track their staff's attendance and overtime hours, leading to inefficiencies and potential errors. Additionally, tracking staff locations across their different branches was also a challenge for the company.

To address these issues, Mukarami Coffee turned to TimeTec Attendance. With the mobile app, HR and managers can now easily track their staff's attendance and calculate their overtime hours. The TC20 device also allows for live monitoring, making it easier to manage staff across different branches.

Another challenge the company faced was their manual payroll process. The HR and finance teams had to calculate staff salaries every month, which was time-consuming and added to their workload. To streamline this process, Mukarami Coffee implemented TimeTec Payroll.

With TimeTec Payroll, the admins can save time and effort in printing payslips. Staff can access and view their payslips via their mobile apps and email, adding to the convenience and efficiency of the system.

The implementation of TimeTec Attendance and Payroll has not only streamlined Mukarami Coffee's HR and payroll processes but also improved their overall operations. With accurate attendance tracking and automated payroll calculations, the company can focus on their core business activities and provide better service to their customers.

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